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Wet Bench/Batch Wafer, Photoresist, & Substrate Cleaning Systems

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Batch Cleaning System
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Batch Cleaning System
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Wet Bench / Batch Cleaning Systems

When chemical pre-treatment is required before processing substrates in a manual system, UtE offers stand-alone Wet Benches and AVD (alcohol vaper dryer) systems to complement the process requirement.

A typical pre-treatment system consists of a manual load, polypropylene construction unit, with two process temperature controlled re-circulating tanks.  Also included is a rinse tank - a standard Quick Dump Rinser - for final rinsing. Individual controllers mounted in the headcase provide the necessary controls for the process tank, the heater set-points, process times and drain activation.

UtE Model AVD113 "Ultra Vapor-DRY" System 


The highly efficient Model AVD113 Alcohol Vapor Dryer is the ideal solution for Rinsing & Drying batches of substrates.  This very reliable and cost effective system utilizes a proven Alcohol Vapor & De-ionized Water (DI). The Rapid & Effective Drying technique uses Alcohol Vapor in Nitrogen (N2) over the DI bath as it's drained at the appropriate rate to strip DI from the substrate.  Once the DI is drained, N2 is used to completely remove alcohol fumes from the chamber prior to opening for removal of substrates.  A proprietary Substrate Carrier is used to eliminate any contact point moisture. This carrier provides for easy transfer of substrates to & from cassettes.



Models Tank Size Cassette Size Max Spindle Speed Acceleration Recipes Dispenses Brochure
AVD 8" Wafer Cassette Max. Two 8" Cassettes N/A N/A Up to 3 IPA and DI PDF


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