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Photoresist Developer Stations

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UtE Models PRD405/408/409 Photoresist Developer Stations

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PRD405/408 Photoresist Developer Station
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DRS409 Photoresist Developer Station

Models PRD405/408/409 are the ideal solution for automatic batch develop and rinse of positive photoresist on wafers and photomasks. This very reliable and cost effective system utilizes one process tank for both develop and rinse for Rapid and Effective processing of wafers. Rapid fill and evacuation of both Developer and D.I. Water provides for precise control of cycle times. The developer is continuously filtered and automatically replenished and the temperature is accurately maintained for reliable and repeatable process.


UtE Model SCSeD Photoresist Developer Stations

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SCSe433 Photoresist Developer Station
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SCSe126 Photoresist Developer Station

Model SCSe series Developer Station is usually preferred for Single Substrate Developing. The SCSe could be configured with several options from many different  Developer Dispenses nozzles, Low Pressure DI Dispenses, Atomizing Nozzles, Megasonic Pies and much more. The Rapid and Effective Drying technique combines Variable Spin Speeds, optional Heated DI, Nitrogen Assist or Heat Lamp. The SCSe has a Microprocessor Controller allowing variable process parameters and retention of up to (10) ten process programs in memory.


Models Tank Size Maximum Substrate Size Max Spindle Speed Acceleration Recipes Dispenses Brochure
405 6" Wafer Cassette N/A N/A N/A Up to 3 N/A PDF (88.0KB)
408/409 8" Wafer Cassette N/A N/A N/A Up to 3 N/A PDF (86.6KB)
SCSe Single Substrate Up to23" on the Diagonal 10 to 2000 RPM +/- 1 500 RPM/s Up to 10 5 PDF (96.9KB)

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